Drivers living in an area blighted by parking problems which have resulted in neighbours turning on each other are calling for immediate action “before someone gets hurt”.

Maz Siddiqi, chairman of Oliver Close Residents’ Association (OCRA) in Leyton, wants Waltham Forest Council to heed the warning signs and introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) from Monday to Saturday.

OCRA represents more than 400 homes in 11 streets formerly known as Oliver Close Estate near Leyton Orient Stadium.

Last summer, the majority of participants in a consultation which included several surrounding roads rejected a CPZ.

But after OCRA pressured the council to alter the boundary to include only the 11 streets, parking measures were agreed from 8am to 6.30pm on Monday to Saturday.

But after months of correspondence with the council in which neighbours were assured the CPZ would cover Saturdays, last week they were told this was due to a “typo” and only weekdays would be included.

This means people paying to park on their street will have to compete with traffic on match days, something which is “worrying” neighbours, Mr Siddiqi said.

“Some people have resorted to putting bins in place where they would park and other people move them out of the way,” said the 59-year-old, who has lived in Magnolia Close for 20 years.

“We had a case where somebody pulled a knife on someone whose car was parked in their space.

“It is causing clashes, swearing and someone brought a baseball bat out to intimidate people.

"It’s getting worse day by day. If something isn’t done I think there’s going to be so much tension and possible violence. That’s how intense it has gotten.

“I have said to the council why are they waiting for something to happen which could cause loss of life.”

OCRA claims the CPZ which is due to be rolled out on March 5 favours the football club over residents and is “un-democratic”.

It also wants the times altered to allow carers and family members visiting people to park on the streets in the afternoon.

Mr Siddiqi, who suffers from health issues and is “apprehensive” about going shopping because of the difficulty involved in finding a parking space upon return, has accused the council of “giving the cold shoulder” to his neighbours.

He added: “This estate is different from streets around us and we are affected by the football on match days and we want bespoke times in our CPZ.

“We want it to be extended to 9pm for people who arrive home from work late like nurses. A lot of surrounding streets have gotten CPZs and people from those streets come here to park. It is getting unbearable.”

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment said: The hours of operation - Monday to Friday, 8am to 6.30pm - are in line with the consultation results. There are a number of permit options available for visitors to and carers of residents within the CPZ.

“We have spoken with residents as well as Peabody and L&Q, the housing associations, to make sure they have all the information about this CPZ and its operation. The area will be closely monitored for issues within the first six months of implementation. If problems are identified further consultation will be held with residents to gather their views and to inform any subsequent changes made.”