REDBRIDGE Council has bucked a national trend by paying female employees more than men.

Figures presented to the council’s general purposes committee on Tuesday, March 6, show female members of staff benefit from an average pay gap of three per cent and median pay gap of 10.11 per cent.

Women also hold most of the senior leadership positions at the council, occupying 10 out 18 roles.

Men still earn more than women across the country, with the pay gap highest in London at 14.6 per cent, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Cllr Jas Athwal, Labour leader of Redbridge Council says:  “We are committed to fairness in Redbridge, and I’m proud of the progress we are making towards gender equality in the council.

“We have held down senior pay and now with the introduction of the living wage we will make even more progress in improving life for our staff.

“Like all councils, we know there is much more to do to ensure we are a fair and fully representative organisation, but this news is a big step in the right direction.”