STREET-BASED sexual harrassment will be in the spotlight as part of a campaign to tackle the issue.

To mark International Women's Day, Waltham Forest Council has launched a new domestic violence campaign.

Working with domestic abuse services and Women’s Aid England, the ‘Ask Me’ initiative will appoint volunteer ambassadors from the community.

Ambassadors will raise awareness of domestic abuse and give advice to victims, pointing them towards local services that provide further support.

Training courses will be provided by the council for all volunteers.

It is hoped the scheme will create an environment where victims feel safe to open up about their experiences.

Domestic violence accounts for two thirds of violent crimes in Waltham Forest.

Across the UK, 82 women and 13 men were killed by a current or former partner from 2016 to 2017.

Waltham Forest Council leader Clare Coghill said: “The ‘Ask Me’ campaign gives our community the opportunity to give the right advice and guidance so those experiencing domestic abuse are supported and no longer need to suffer in silence.

“Getting this first interaction right could mean the difference between life and death for the victim, it’s that important.”

The ‘Ask Me’ campaign will be launched today 7pm – 11pm at the Wild Card Brewery, as part of its Wild Women Week.

The council is also launching a crackdown on street -based sexual harassment.

Today, neighbourhood officers, students and residents will take to the streets and hand out flyers about street harassment, speaking to the community about ways to tackle the issue.

Teams will be out from 3pm - 6pm in Leyton Mills, Walthamstow Central, Hoe Street and at the Bakers Arms.

To volunteer as an ‘Ask Me’ ambassador or to nominate someone, contact Habiba Molvi at or call on 0770 850 9674/ 0207 566 2518.

If you would like to get involved with the anti street harassment teams or find out more information, contact the VAWG Team: