As World Glaucoma Week kicks off, opticians in Walthamstow have undertaken specialist training and are encouraging sufferers to seek professional help with managing the condition

Specsavers in Walthamstow High Street has teamed up with the International Glaucoma Association to advise people on how to correctly administer eye drops.

Often symptomless in its early stages, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible sight loss and is thought to affect 700,000 people in the UK today. According to The State of the Nation Eye Health 2017: A Year in Review, as many as 50 per cent of cases are undiagnosed.

Faiz Parkar, ophthalmic director at Specsavers Walthamstow, said the latest training would ensure staff can “support people with glaucoma in the most effective way possible.’

Karen Osborn, chief executive of IGA, added: “Unfortunately we know from calls to our helpline that many people aren’t told about how to put drops in the eye correctly, or aren’t advised about the aids that are available to help them. We are delighted to work with Specsavers on this often over-looked aspect of glaucoma management.”