A MEMBER of a trade union’s women’s committee says she feels “like the comeback kid” after being elected unopposed.

Councillor Barbara White, who represents the Goodmayes ward, returns to the women’s committee of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) three years after stepping down.

Cllr White, who lives in Gants Hill, was nominated by her musician’s union for the position and joins 17 other committee members.

The Labour councillor stepped down from the committee in 2015 to become mayor of Redbridge.

Cllr White expressed delight at a personal triumph that she says is even sweeter than her first election to the committee.

She says: “I was obviously very excited. When I was nominated I got a warm welcome. I felt like I was the comeback kid.

“I think it means more this time than it did the first. Obviously the people who chose me know my strengths and weaknesses and clearly think I have more strengths. It was a very nice feeling.”

Cllr White and the other members will debate motions put forward at women’s TUC congress on issues like mental health, Brexit and the gender pay gap and find resolutions for them.

The Labour councillor put forward two motions at the congress about sexual harassment and the number of female artists on festival bills.

Cllr White assured TUC members and the people of Goodmayes that she will continue to be speak up for important subjects.

The trade unionist says: “I have always been a community activist and will never stop being a community activist.

“I am delighted to still be able to follow this path. I will be campaigning for the arts, which is a money-earner for this country and give a sense of well-being. They are overlooked.

“Childcare is also important for women and men working unsocial hours.”

The TUC is a federation of 50 trade unions and represents around 5.6 million members. The organisation celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.