BADMINTON prodigies sealed two gold medals in a London-wide tournament.

Year nine and ten students from Kantor King Solomon High School secured half the medals up for grabs in the competition organised by Maccabi GB on Wednesday, March 14.

The year nine team won their first game 21- 8, their second 21- 6 their third 21-20 and final match 21- 16.

They remained unbeaten in the tournament, defeating favourites JCOSS in their closest game.

Hannah Chowdhry, a year nine student at the Barkingside school, says: "Last year I came second after losing to JCOSS by five points and it hurt my pride.

“This year I was determined to win and had some extra training sessions from my father and concentrated on perfecting my skills through lessons with my teacher after school.

"When we were matched up with JCOSS again I was nervous and thought we were going to lose remembering the failure of last year, especially after Sasha and I trailed by two points during the mid-point of the game.

"It felt amazing collecting the gold award for our school and borough and I hope we can win again next year to prove we are worthy champions and that this is not just some fluke."

The tournament was exclusively for Jewish schools but pupils of any faith at those schools could participate.

Maccabi GB is an Anglo-Jewish sports, health and well-being charity.