Whilst it’s welcoming to see the council taking steps to tackle homelessness, the latest plan seeks to place local people even further away from Waltham Forest.

It also begs the question – again - why the council is supporting an unaffordable housing schemes.

Cllr Simon Miller’s opinion piece in the Guardian on February 7 cheerleading for the proposed redevelopment in Walthamstow Mall, ignores the realities of housing for the vast majority of people in the borough. This scheme will only deliver for at most, the richest 10% in the borough.

The type of so-called ‘affordable’ housing the council envisages in the Mall scheme is shared ownership.

In Waltham Forest, such housing needs an income of at least £45,000 a year.

Under 10% of local households not already owners, have that.

The housing company set to partner Capital & Regional, the Mall’s developer, is Mount Anvil which specialises in luxury homes. Such housing would be even less geared to the interests of the vast majority of local people.

The Capital & Regional website looks forward to “affluent young professionals” moving into “this highly accessible” borough. As the council jets off to Cannes again this week to showcase our borough to property developers, sounds like Cllr Miller shares C&R’s view.

Ms Samantha Mason Markhouse Road, Walthamstow