London taxi drivers have welcomed the Parole Board’s decision to stop John Worboys being released from prison.

This week, three High Court judges overturned a decision to grant the serial rapist, who drugged hundreds of women between 2002 and 2008, an early release from jail.

Perry Richardson, a licensed London taxi driver and the founder and chief-editor of TaxiPoint, a taxi-trade publication said that Worboys had tainted an industry that is based upon trust.

Mr Richardson, who works all over London, said that licensed London taxi drivers like Worboys, go through a very rigorous testing and vetting process.

Latest police figures from 2016 for the number of Taxi and Private Hire drivers charged with a sexual offence show that out of 34 sexual offences committed by drivers no taxi drivers were charged.

But 31 private hire drivers and 3 unlicensed drivers were found guilty of committing an offence.

Mr Richardson said this means that is makes it incredibly rare for these type of crimes to happen with taxi drivers.

He added: “John Worboys was a hideous predator that sadly any industry could have been harbouring.

“Thankfully the public have been very supportive and have realised that this is a highly unusual crime within our industry.”

In a statement released yesterday by the Mayor Mr Khan welcomed the Parole Board’s decision saying that it will bring some reassurance to the victims of Mr Worboys and all Londoners.

The Mayors statement stressed that his priority was to keep Londoners safe and that he will do everything in his power to keep people in London safe from harm.

Mr Richardson said: “It’s important that Sadiq Khan, shows the public that he is serious when it comes to the safety of Londoners.

"Whilst the disturbing and awful crimes surrounding John Worboys took place some years ago the real focus has been on the judicial system and making sure victims remain confident in the criminal justice system.”

Commenting on the Parole Board’s decision, Steve McNamara, General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), based in London said: “We are relieved that the High Court made the right call and overruled the Parole Board’s baffling decision to release Worboys.

"He is a vile predator and should be left to rot behind bars for the terrible and unforgivable crimes he committed.

“He shouldn’t have been granted release in the first place and must never be allowed back on our streets, for the safety of both his victims and the wider public.”