A Chingford man has spoken of the “heartbreaking” moment he lost his girlfriend to a fatal brain injury she suffered during what was supposed to be a dream backpacking holiday.

Sam Tall is running the London Marathon on April 22 in memory of partner Amy Haskew, who died following a cycling accident while the pair were travelling in Australia.

In November 2015, on Amy’s 25th birthday, the couple flew to South East Asia to realise their ambitions to travel the world.

"After an incredible and adventurous few months, I had grown to love and appreciate Amy more than ever before," Mr Tall said.

"Amy was the most loving person and she would send postcards to her family and friends from nearly every place we visited, to show she was thinking about them."

However, tragedy struck in six months into the adventure in April 2016, when the couple rented bikes in Mallacoota, south east Australia and Amy's bike fell from an eight-foot drop.

Amy sustained a severe brain injury and was rushed to hospital in Melbourne by air ambulance and fought for her life in intensive care for 33 days.

However, the trauma proved too severe and Amy died in hospital surrounded by her loved ones on May 12, 2016.

"The heartbreaking moment came where all hope vanished. We were told that Amy’s brain injury would result in her being unable to pull through. It was beyond devastating," Mr Tall added.

"As Amy’s consultant said towards the end, maybe this was Amy’s way of saying it’s time to let go, but it felt impossible to do that."

Since his girlfriend’s death, Mr Tall, 26, began volunteering with brain injury charity Headway and decided to raise money for the organisation in her honour.

"Watching the person you love the most fight for their life is a tragically surreal and sad experience," he said.

"I am trying to process emotionally what happened to Amy and do things that would do her proud. I want to show that her life and legacy is more valuable than the tragic nature of her death."

"Headway does an incredible amount of invaluable work supporting survivors of brain injury as well as their families."

"I hope that Amy would be proud that I have not given up, and that I am trying to do make the best of a terrible situation, to make a difference to people that sustain brain injuries.”

To read more about Sam and Amy’s story, or to sponsor his run, visit: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SamTallAA.