I have some questions for those campaigning for a playground on Woodford Green.

Their online petition, leaflets and posters say next to nothing about the “natural” wooden play area and what it would look like.

Where exactly will it be located, and how much land will it require? What play equipment will it include, and what size will the apparatus be?

In the absence of this information, it seems many people have signed the petition without knowing what they are asking for.

Generations of children have played on the Green in its natural state, so why is a playground needed now? One campaigner says this is because of demographic changes. What statistical or other information justifies this statement?

Finally, who exactly are the petitioners? I don’t expect all their names and addresses to be published, but it would be interesting to know how many of them live near the Green.

We need more information about this proposal, and Redbridge Council and the City Corporation should consult local residents before any decision is taken on the playground idea.

Stephen Wiggs

Woodford Green