Our streets should be a safe place for all, but I am concerned that poorly-designed cycle lanes are making it more dangerous for both pedestrians and cyclists.

An example of this is the cycle lanes recently installed in Grove Green Road outside Leytonstone Tube Station.

These cycle lanes significantly narrow the pavement, as well as criss-crossing the pavement.

The result is that it is dangerous for pedestrians – particularly older, disabled and vulnerable people – and for cyclists too.

Cycle lanes should be clearly separated from the road and the pavement.

Poor air quality is a huge problem resulting in thousands of premature deaths, and a major cause is traffic fumes.

By making the pavements an unsafe place, the council is encouraging more car use at a time when we should be incentivising people to use alternative forms of transport such as cycling and walking. Safer streets are for the benefit of everyone.

Mark Dawes

Green Party candidate for Leytonstone