Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy has asked Waltham Forest people to propose questions for the Prime Minister in response to the Government’s decision to launch air strikes in Syria.

In an email addressed to residents, Ms Creasy asked Waltham Forest residents to vote for one of seven questions that she will ask Theresa May in a parliamentary debate later today.

The UK, the USA and France have agreed to use air strikes in Syria in response to Syrian president Assad’s use of chemical weapons in rebel-held Douma on Saturday April 7; an attack that killed 70, including young children.

Ms Creasy criticised the Prime Minister for failing to put the decision to a parliamentary vote or to wait for a UN investigation into the legality of air strikes.

She said: “Instead of recalling parliament on Friday April 13 ahead of any proposed action, the Prime Minister and Cabinet chose to involve UK military in air strikes in Syria unilaterally, using the prerogative of the executive to justify this decision.

“Consequently, as parliamentarians we have had no access to any details as to why those sites were targeted, how the Government believes this intervention in Syria will aid in securing long term peace and security for civilians or why the Prime Minister felt she did not need to secure democratic consent.”

Syria’s civil war has been raging for seven years.

The MP talked about previous air strikes that the UK launched in the region against so-called ISIS in 2015. She said the process that led to the decision then was far more transparent and democratic.

She said: “This highlights the importance of securing democratic consent for UK involvement in military action, irrespective of the actions of the American or French governments and for seeking a long-term political solution to this crisis to secure peace and safety for all the Syrian people.”

Ms Creasy is able to ask the Prime Minister one question during the debate.

The possible questions are:

1. If the Prime Minister believes there was a case for UK involvement in air strikes against President Assad’s chemical weapons facilities, why did she not recall parliament on Friday April 13 to make this to the nation instead of making it behind closed doors to her cabinet?

2. How does the Prime Minister believe taking part in air strikes in Syria against president Assad but not seeking a political settlement will do anything to actually end this conflict?

3. What is the Prime Minister doing to hold Russia and Iran to account for supporting President Assad?

4. Will the Prime Minister publish the intelligence on which the case against President Assad for these attacks is based?

5. Can the Prime Minister pledge that she will not take any further military action without consulting parliament?

6. Given she states she recognises the horror they face, why is the Prime Minister refusing to help Syrian refugees stuck in Europe?

7. Will the Government push for sanctions against Russian State bankers VTB until the Russians use their influence on President Assad to prevent further civilian casualties?

To vote, visit this survey.