An MP has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme to advocate “gentle politics” following the death of an MP.

Lady Tessa Jowell, the MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, died from a brain tumour this weekend.

She had campaigned to be Mayor of London and ran to represent Ilford North in the past.

On the Today programme this morning, MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy talked about her relationship with Lady Jowell and said one of the MP’s biggest legacies was her advocacy of “gentler politics.”

“Gentle politics” is when politicians from opposing parties work together on a project, putting their political differences aside for a bigger purpose.

When discussing her working relationship with Lady Jowell on the programme, Ms Creasy said: “I was very lucky to spend time with Tessa and crucially what Tessa did was to push so many of us on.

“Tessa was incredibly political, she was incredibly principled, had very strong views and it was because of that she was determined not to sit on the side lines.

“She absolutely understood that being out of office doesn’t mean that you’re absolved of responsibility to make the changes that you claim to stand for happen. So, she was absolutely resolute that she was going to make her case.”

On the topic of “gentle politics,” Ms Creasy said: “One of the problems with our politics right now is that people seem to think it’s not about winning an argument but frankly hurting somebody’s feelings.

“Tessa was the polar opposite of that. She really was the kinder, gentler politics. I’m talking about the sound and fury that now exists within the wider public domain that is so tribal that seems to think that actually it’s okay to hurt somebody you disagree with rather than focussing on winning the argument.

“I worry, and I think what Tessa did so well was that it was the greater good that you were fighting for. If you actually reached out with somebody who maybe people were surprised to see you working with.”