A teenager has won a silver medal for her investigation of bacteria.

Adrianna Wojtyna came second in the 27th Dr ?brahim Arikan International Research Projects Competition in Turkey for her research project 'Detection of bacteria E.coli with biosynthesized silver nanoparticles as SERS substrates.'

The Year 12 Chigwell School student submitted her findings to the annual competition organised by the MEF Educational Institutions in Istanbul.

Every year, about thirty international teams are selected to present their results at the finals, held at the MEF University.

Miss Wojtyna's project won second place in the eyes of a jury made up of representatives from technological companies, visitors, and professors.

She said: "The experience was a great example of how broad the impact of science can be.

"Not only does it allow us to discover the unknown, but also to learn about new cultures, as well as to become more open-minded people."