A Turkish family who were on the housing waiting list for 20 years have moved into their new council house.

Sahismail and Rahime Sevim – the latter who is partially disabled – immigrated to the area and were previously living in Leyton.

The family are paying social rent and now have a new-build council house in Walthamstow, where they live with their daughter and granddaughters, who are four and one.

Their new home was provided by Waltham Forest Council after 20 years of being on the waiting list.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The couple's son (second from left) explained how grateful the family are for their new home.

The family had fully moved into their new address just one week after the offer of housing was made.

On Tuesday May 15, council leader Clare Coghill struck up a deal with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan to secure £26million for 525 new council houses to be built across the borough in the next four years.

This morning, deputy mayor of London for housing James Murray and deputy leader of Waltham Forest Council Clyde Loakes visited the family to congratulate them.

The couple’s son, Hassan Sevim, spoke on behalf of his Turkish-speaking mother.

He said: “It’s amazing, it’s perfect and we are so happy. It’s been a long wait, but worth it.

“When I saw [the house] I didn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t tell [my mother] it was brand new. I covered her eyes as we came to see it. She started crying that moment she saw it.”

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

James Murray, deputy mayor of London for housing (right) enjoyed Turkish tea and the family's hospitality in their new kitchen.

Addressing Cllr Loakes, Mr Sevim added: “When I came to this country, I started feeling human. Thank you, you’ve given us everything.”

Cllr Loakes said: “We often debate numbers, but it’s your story, it’s the human stories, it shows the important work we’re doing. This shows what the council can do.”

Mr Murray added: “It reminds us why we’re doing this.

“Looking back, there has been a real restriction on space in recent decades. We are supporting more council houses being built in places like Waltham Forest and having the minimum space standards is even more important.”

The Mayor of London set a city-wide minimum space requirement for all new builds in 2016. The policy means houses built are of generous size and of easy access for disabled residents.

The new build is also energy efficient. Mr Sevim talked enthusiastically about his parents’ new solar panels on the roof.

Mr Murray said: “We try and push up the energy efficiency levels and places like this are well insulated and any problems you know where to go.”

The family are settling into their new neighbourhood well and praised their friendly neighbours and community.