The mayor of Waltham Abbey's house is on fire.

At around 11.30am town mayor Mick Fitch's house on Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey caught alight.

Crews from five stations rushed to the scene, where they found flames spread across the roof spaces of several properties.

The road has been closed and a cordon has been set up with the support of Essex Police, while firefighters remain at the scene.

Nearby Leverton Primary School has been temporarily closed due to the amount of smoke.

Pupils have been kept inside to avoid smoke inhalation.

A neighbour of Mr Fitch's said: "It's a big fire. The fire brigade and police are here.

"There was a fire in his neighbour's garage attached to his house. It seemed to spread to his house.

"The last time I saw him he was watching his house burn down."

Mr Fitch was elected as the mayor for Waltham Abbey Town Council on May 24, 2017.