A council is piloting a new scheme that closes roads off to traffic for a few hours a day, allowing children to play on the streets near their homes.

Redbridge Council has invited families to sign up to a trial of its new Play Streets programme.

Under the scheme, residents are encouraged to close off their streets to traffic for a few hours either weekly or monthly, so children can play  more safely and neighbours can come together.

The scheme will be run by residents themselves and it is hoped the idea will make Redbridge streets friendlier and more fun for everyone.

If you would like to run a play street on or after Monday July 30, you must submit an application via the council’s website by Sunday June 24.

You must be able to prove local residents and businesses are in support of your play street and to do this the council have provided a simple form for affected residents to sign. This must be emailed to rawnak.jassm@redbridge.gov.uk by Monday July 2 at the latest.

The council will be working with a number of partners to deliver the scheme and is trying to assess whether there is an appetite for the idea across the borough.

Resources will be allocated to the scheme according to the response the council get from residents.

Applications to take part in the scheme close on June 24.