A primary school held an ‘enterprise week’ to teach pupils about the value of money, teamwork and give them an insight into how a business is run.

Jenny Hammond School in Leytonstone’s Elsham Road also invited parents in to speak to the children about their careers and explain the different paths available to youngsters.

The school’s annual event, which ran from June 4 to 8, incorporated Virgin Money’s Make £5 Grow programme for children aged nine to 11.

While each child was given a loan of £5, pupils are split into groups and pool their money to design and develop a product and start a small business.

Some of the ideas brought to fruition by the Year 6 pupils were to sell pancakes, cushions, hotdogs and carwashes.

The younger ones also joined in on the money-making fun, with the Year 5s charging for a water fight, the Year 4s selling books and the Year 3s doing face painting.

Children in Years 1 and 2 put on a dance show and made framed pictures for their parents.

All the cash raised by the imaginative youngsters will go towards an end-of-year trip.