I am surprised there has been no mention of our national team, who have done better than previous years and even Germany in this year’s World Cup.

The media have been careful not to inflame any unrealistically high hopes, but considering that the team skipper Harry Kane is a local boy from Chingford Foundation, I would have thought there ought to have been some mention if not about the team’s performance, at the very least the fact that the England captain is/was a Chingford boy?

Yet I can read coverage of Orient, injury to West Ham’s Argentinian star Lanzini; Portugal’s progress to Uruguay showdown and Bid for Brazil star is upped.

Not even a nod towards our at the moment successful national team?

Hopefully, if the chaps manage to get to the semis, or dare I say it the final, I would hope we’ll be able to read some coverage of England’s world cup endeavours in The Guardian?

Laurance O’Neill