Plans to build temporary homeless accommodation on a site in South Woodford have received almost 30 objections so far, and counting.

The plans for the site in Chigwell Road, on the Charlie Brown’s roundabout, next to Oakdale School, include a three-storey block of 30 temporary accommodation units for homeless households.

The council is seeking planning permission for a temporary period of 10 years.

The scheme is similar to Ilford Salvation Army’s Project Malachi, in which old shipping containers are due to be converted into independent living spaces for homeless people in Redbridge, to be sited in Ilford town centre.

Project Malachi was unanimously granted planning permission for a total of five years by Redbridge Council’s planning committee earlier this year.

Now, criticism of the plans for the South Woodford site is rolling in with some calling the proposals “horrendous.”

The South Woodford Society is not in favour of the plans.

The group describes itself as “committed to enhancing community relationships and to challenging the proposed over-development of South Woodford.”

On Twitter, they wrote: “Plan to build container homes for homeless in South Woodford are horrendous! Size and scale of proposed plans are excessive, site is on flood plain, it will abut Oakdale School. Please urgently respond to plan 1506/18 on Redbridge planning website!”

Cllr Suzanne Nolan and Cllr Michael Duffell, of South Woodford Conservatives issued a joint statement, which said: “We are, like many residents, objecting to the planning application for temporary housing next to Charlie Brown’s roundabout.

“We believe that just because this application is providing temporary accommodation for the homeless and most vulnerable in our society doesn’t mean that it should not meet the minimum standard for London housing.

“The location of the site is next to one of the most polluted roads in London and almost under a flyover, where the pollution is four times the legal limit.

“Residents will not be able to open their windows due to the constant noise of the traffic and exhaust fumes and there are too many unanswered questions with this application.

“There is a need housing for the homeless, but this should not be at the expense of their health. This application has the possibility of making a bad situation worse, it is unbelievable that this Labour council is prepared to house people in such an appalling location in a building not fit for purpose.

“We ask the council to reject this application and work with ward councillors across the borough to find appropriate sites.”

A council spokesperson said: “This application is scheduled to be determined by the council’s planning committee on July 19.

“The agenda and planning officer’s report will be published five working days before the meeting and will consider the proposal in the context of the planning policies contained within the council’s new local plan adopted in March, including housing need, its impact on the surrounding area, carparking and other highway considerations, as well as any other material considerations.

“As the local planning authority, the council has the power to determine this application.”

The proposals are due to come before Redbridge Council’s planning committee on Thursday July 19 at 7.15pm.