A famed film producer popped into class at a girls’ school this week to see a revolutionary new pedagogy he regarded as “a revelation”.

Lord David Puttnam called Walthamstow School for Girls “a total knockout” after examining the pioneering teaching method being trialled for the past 10 months.

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is an online teaching and learning platform that transforms the traditional ‘teach from the front’ classroom, reducing unnecessary workloads for teachers.

Students’ progress at their own pace and ability through question sets and receive immediate automatic feedback as they answer while teachers receive live analysis and results.

The programme is funded and owned by the Bowland Charitable Trust and independent testing confirmed that using Learning by Questions could increase learning by more than 25 per cent.

The school in Church Hill has been part of a progressive LbQ feedback project with 49 other schools from across the UK, in which 92 per cent of the teachers believe it will be widely used in the next five years.

Speaking after Lord Puttnam’s visit on Wednesday, July 11, Headteacher Meryl Davies said “We are really delighted to have been chosen as an ambassador school for this innovative scheme and the students have responded well to the instant feedback they receive on their learning. 

“We were excited to host a visit by Lord Puttnam, who was also treated to a tour of the school.” 

Although famous for his spectacular filmography including Oscar winner Chariots of Fire, Lord Puttnam has been heavily involved in developing educational opportunities for many years.

He is an Honorary Doctor of Education (University of Sunderland), founded the National Teaching Awards and was the founding chairman of the General Teaching Council.

Learning by Questions is currently undergoing a £1million feedback study with 50 schools in 10 local authorities across the UK.

The programme will be officially launched in autumn 2018.