A politician praised Londoners for reducing plastic waste but said the government’s strategy to eradicate it by 2042 needs to be brought forward by “at least” 10 years.

Yesterday a study revealed that more than half of Londoners plan to buy fewer plastic drink bottles this year and switch to reusable ones.

The study from Soda Stream found that 56 per cent of Londoners would make the change from disposable to recyclable plastic bottles.

Plastic waste has a huge effect in London, with plastic bottles making up 10 per cent of all litter found in the Thames.

Commenting on the results, Green Party London Assembly member Caroline Russell praised Londoners for their efforts.

She said: “London has some of the worst recycling rates in the UK.

“If we can reduce the number of bottles being used we can reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites and that will help to save the environment.

“This will also help to reduce the congestion caused by transporting plastic bottles to shops and businesses.”

But Ms Russell said the Government needs to do more to reduce plastic waste.

The Government’s strategy to reduce plastic waste said it will be “working to a target of eliminating avoidable plastic waste by the end of 2042.”

But Ms Russell said this shows “complacency” and should be brought forward by at least a decade.

She also feels that recycling across London needs to be consistent instead of having recycling strategies in different boroughs.

She added: “Local residents and boroughs need more consistency around recycling. If we are going to deal with plastic usage we need to make sure we have a consistent approach to it in London.”

The study also found that 78 per cent of Londoners has already swapped 5p plastic carrier bags for reusable ones.

A total of 49 per cent respondents to the survey also said they had refused plastic straws in bars and pubs this year to stop them clogging up the river or harming wildlife.