An organisation is redistributing wealth from businesses and feeding cash into local charities.

The Fore, a grant-making organisation that gathers investment from businesses in London, is branching out into Waltham Forest.

It is currently supporting four start-ups that offer help to vulnerable people in the borough.

These include Waltham Forest’s Apollo Music Project, which brings live, classical music to disadvantaged children into the classroom, and builds up to a full orchestra performance in concert.

On July 3, the project welcomed more than 1,250 children, teachers and parents to the Hackney Empire for its end-of-year concert.

The second charity being supported is the Hackney Playbus; which is a small charity dedicated to supporting disadvantaged families with young children. The brightly coloured bus drives through North East London bringing a variety of vital services to families and communities.

The charity’s priority is to help parents and guardians be confident carers and make play and learning available to everyone. Hackney Playbus also identifies key needs and signposts families to other, less well-known services which can help them.

The third charity is The Gifted, founded in 2013 by Aysha and Jermaine Julie to help young people who, like themselves, were affected by disadvantage or from difficult backgrounds.

The Gifted runs interactive workshops training young people to create digital content and podcasts, building confidence, unlocking potential and empowering young people to make better choices.

The final charity is the E17 Puppet Project. This charity uses puppetry to help disadvantaged children in Waltham Forest tackle complex issues and engage in the arts.

It has helped children in hospital make puppets of themselves to better understand their conditions and used interactive performance and storytelling to get disadvantaged children who were falling behind at school into reading.

Waltham Forest was ranked the 35th most deprived borough in the UK in 2015, and was the 7th most deprived in London.

As of 2013, 35 per cent of children in Waltham Forest are or have been affected by child poverty.

Charities must individually apply to The Fore for grants of up to £30,000 and the charity gets hundreds of applications per year.

Once funding is won, The Fore provides business support to help the charities grow and spend their money wisely.

To find out more about the four projects in Waltham Forest and lend them your support, visit their websites:

Apollo Music Project: Click here.

Hackney Playbus: Click here.

The Gifted: Click here.

E17 Puppet Project: Click here.

Visit The Fore's website here.