A refuse collector was caught on CCTV launching a blue bin into the front drive of a house.

When Mr Weinstein found smashes glass spread across the drive of his Chigwell home on July 14, he immediately thought it was the work of troublesome youths.

When he traced back through 24 hours of footage on his security system however, the business owner found a different kind of culprit.

As a council bin lorry had driven down the road, a male worker can be seen picking up Mr Weinstein's blue bin, emptying it into the truck and then throwing it across the road into his drive.

He said: "To my surprise I saw that he threw it.

"I was shocked. It is unacceptable.

"I accept that people are in a rush, have things to do and he might have be having a bad day.

"But I have a small child and he walks in the front sometime.

"I don't want a driveway full of glass. It is also the way that is unfolded."

As with the danger to his child and the seemingly casual attitude of the refuse collector, Mr Weinstein took issue with how Epping Forest District Council dealt with the situation.

He added: "I contacted the council straight away.

"I got a call saying they are sorry and that it would be brought up with the people, but that is it. I am livid with how this has been dealt with.

"We pay £160 of council tax which is a lot."

A spokesperson for the council apologised to Mr Weinstein and thanked him for sending in the CCTV.

They continued: "It is unacceptable for a refuse collector to behave in such a way and show such little respect for a resident’s property.

"Once we became aware of this our waste contractor Biffa sent another team of refuse collectors to clear the glass from the drive as soon as possible.

“Biffa has its own internal disciplinary procedures to deal with the matter.

"The district council has accepted the outcome of Biffa’s investigations and will decide whether any further steps should be taken. Mr Weinstein has been updated.”