ZOMBIES will descend on central London next Monday with the premiere of a new British horror film starring an actor from Wanstead.

James Fisher plays a leading role in The Zombie Diaries, which has been dubbed as 28 Days Later meets the Blair Witch Project.

The story follows three groups of survivors as they struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak.

Such is the following for the film that more than 1,000 fans are expected to descend on the West End before the premiere at the Odeon in Leicester Square on Monday for an attempt at breaking the world record for a zombie walk.

But the 35-year-old actor, who lives in Hermon Hill, is not resting on his laurels and is getting back to work immediately.

He said: "I actually start shooting my next film, Night Dragon, immediately after the Zombie Diaries premiere, so it will a very busy night.

"It was fantastic to film as there was a lot of improvisation involved. The directors would send us into scenes without having seen the sets and so with the awesome special effects team we had it was easy to act the role."

And after parts in Green Street and the upcoming Hellbride, James is not short of offers. However, apart from one brief stint filming Cascade in the States, he is happy to continue working on quality British independent projects.

James added: "In Night Dragon I'm acting with Alan Ford who played Bricktop in Snatch. He's a fantastic actor and a really nice guy so I'm very happy about continuing to work with such great talent here in the UK and see what offers come up."

The premiere starts at 11am on Monday and the film goes on general DVD release from that time. The zombie walk kicks off at the frightfully early hour of 8.45am with the record breaking headcount an hour later.