A driver who was promised a refund after Transport for London (TfL) incorrectly fined him £800 is still waiting.

Wilson Chowdhry was forced to pay the cash by bailiffs who turned up at house house in Gordon Street, Ilford, in April.

This happened because the car dealership he bought his electric car from had incorrectly registered his number plate against a petrol car, meaning he was fined for going through a congestion zone.

As soon as the Guardian Series wrote a story, TfL agreed to refund his money.

But three months later Mr Chowdhry is still waiting.

He said: “It feels as if TfL were paying lip service to me to promote a positive impression of themselves.

“In reality they have done nothing to relieve this fine and I am out of pocket.”

Mr Chowdhry claims he has called the transport body to resolve the situation, but they told him they have “no recollection” of agreeing to refund the money.

But back in April, it told the Guardian it would issue a full refund in an official statement.

He said: “If feels like a kick in the teeth.

“I bought an electric car to save money and it has cost me more than I had ever expected.

“They are ineffective and all the promises of them having no congestion charge have failed to materialise.

“It has been bad luck from the beginning to the end.

“The whole debacle has made me realise there are more costs to be incurred from having an electric vehicle.”

Paul Cowperthwaite, general manager of road user charging at TfL, said: “We’re sorry for the trouble that Mr Chowdhry experienced, initially as a result of the DVLA holding an incorrect address but then due to our error in processing his refund.

“We have spoken to Mr Chowdhry to assure him his Penalty Charge Notices will be cancelled and will issue a full refund.”