Drivers and dog walkers are urged to watch out for aggressive deer now the rutting season is underway.

During the rutting season male deer can become highly aggressive as they attempt to fight off rivals to attract female deer, making them less aware of surrounding dangers such as cars and bikes on the roads.

Accidents involving deer increase during rutting season, which lasts until late November.

Deer are particularly active at dawn and dusk, typically the busiest times of day on the district's roads roads.

Councillor Sam Kane, portfolio holder for safer, greener and transport, said: "At this time of year its especially important for motorists to take extra care when driving through the forest and rural parts of the district.

“Deer are pack animals and often move in groups, if you see one, others are likely to follow.

"They can appear without warning and present a greater risk than other wildlife because of their large size.”

Dog owners are also advised to keep their pooches on the lead.