The launch of a new sexual health service has led to a significant rise in people taking long-acting contraceptives.

Last week the All East centre of excellence was officially opened in Stratford, which is connected to several offshoot clinic located throughout Waltham Forest.

The services, provided by Barts Health NHS Trust, offer a variety of contraception in the same place as sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment.

They also provide long-acting options such as implants and coils.

Waltham Forest clinics are available at Forest Road, Boots Walthamstow, St James Medical, Silverthorn Centre and Triangle House Health Centre on Harrow Road.

Since the new service was first introduced earlier this year there has been a 17 per cent increase in people in Waltham Forest taking up long-acting contraception options.

Vanessa Apea, Barts Health consultant in sexual health and HIV, said: “We’re delighted more people are being able to choose the right options for them.

"We’ve worked really hard to make our clinics as good as they can be and our new website helps make our All East services even easier to access.”

Last week's launch saw the introduction of a brand new website, which provides information, allows online booking and test at home kits.

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