More than 100 children from 15 schools came together to form an enormous orchestra on Saturday (October 6).

Despite the rain, spirits were high at the Chigwell Music Festival at Chigwell School, where 110 pupils either played in the orchestra or took part in a variety of workshops.

In rooms dotted around the junior school, workshops for strings, brass, guitar, percussion and music tech gave pupils a whole day to improve or take a chance on a new instrument.

Gill Punt, the school's development manager, said: "The celebratory concert at the end of the day demonstrated just how much can be achieved through confidence, motivation, expert guidance and teamwork, for which we thank our energetic peripatetic teachers.

"Every pupil had the opportunity to perform some of their work produced during the day including music from the string workshop and a delightful rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’ from the guitar ensemble."

Led by junior music director Felicity Leach, the orchestra performed Beethoven’s ‘Hymn to Joy’ and Richard Ling's ‘Ghost Ride’ and ‘Marching Through Mud’.

The concert came to a climatic end with ‘A Million Dreams’ performed by the choir.