A mentally ill man told hospital staff he wanted to 'murder and rape a woman' before acting out his fantasies on a young female teacher, it has emerged.

Last year Carl Langdell confessed to murdering 23-year-old teacher Katie Locke, from Buckhurst Hill, at Theobolds Park Hotel in Waltham Cross on Christmas Eve 2015.

The 28 year-old, who pleaded guilty to murder in March, took photos of her dead body before dumping it near a skip in the four star hotel’s grounds.

A scathing report released on Tuesday found serious flaws with how Langdell - who was well known to the authorities - and his care were handled.

The NHS England commissioned report found he had a "long and complex medical history" and that "opportunities were missed" in the treatment of his disorder.

David Levy, regional medical director or NHS England, said: "I would like to offer my sincerest sympathies to the people affected by this tragic incident.

"Lack of information about (Langdell's) previous care was considered to have been on of the critical factors hindering appropriate risk assessment and management.

"In conducting their investigation, the independent investigation team found that (Langdell) was not given National Institute for Health and Care Excellence compliant treatment for a personality disorder diagnosis.

"Despite him requesting access to talking therapies, he was never given access to structured and ongoing talking therapies."

The pair met on dating website Plenty of Fish, where Langdell had described himself as a lawyer with his own firm despite only having partly studied a conversion course.

Ms Locke, a history teacher in Hackney, was described as a “beautiful, vibrant 23-year-old” by prosecuting lawyer Ann Evans in a 2016 hearing.

Langdell and her were drinking in Shoreditch before they took a taxi to the Waltham Cross Hotel, where they checked in at 3.30am.

A receptionist said Langdell seemed “very intoxicated”.

Inside the hotel room, Langdell claimed he asked Ms Locke if she enjoyed BDSM, before putting his arm around her neck and strangling her.

The report adds that while under treatment from the NHS, Langdelll had violent fantasies of murdering and raping women.

Only weeks prior to the murder, Langdell was given a nine-month suspended sentence after admitting to making two threats to kill NHS staff members.

When the murder occurred, Langdell, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was under the watch of the probation services for threatening to kill a psychiatric nurse.

Prior to the murder, Langdell had been seen by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Group Partnership Trust.

The Hertfordshire trust's executive director of quality and medical leadership, Dr Asif Zia, said cases such as these are "mercifully rare".

He added: "We appreciate the terrible impact, including on families and friends and the wider community, when they do occur.

'There are a number of areas where the trust can and will learn lessons from this terrible incident and minimise the possibility of this ever happening again."

However, despite the errors made, the independent review concluded that this incident could not have been predicted.