Plans have been submitted to build dozens of apartments on Green Belt land.

Development company London Square has requested permission from Epping Forest District Council to build 59 parking spaces and 53 apartments in a single two storey block on the Chigwell Grange off the High Road.

The company has a history in the area.

It bought two lots in the town for £12m after previous owners Byrne Estates went into liquidation, and has since started building 43 homes on the other in Chigwell Village.

On a section of its website advertising some of the new builds, London Square describes four and five bedroom properties boasting "striking New England style timber cladding and a spacious lounge area".

Prices at the Chigwell Village development start at £1,095,000, with the same consultants who worked on that project currently designing homes for the 53 apartment plot.

Part of the application reads: "Whilst site two is technically located in the Metropolitan Green Belt, it is clearly previously developed land and very far from “green” with a long planning history.

"The fact that the site has been previously developed, is currently largely hardstanding and could very evidently accommodate a much greater density of residential development all point to this being an obvious residential development site.

"It has the potential to contribute positively to the district’s housing land supply while improving the visual amenity of the land and relieving pressure for the release of arguably higher quality Green Belt sites elsewhere in the district."

At no point on the plans are affordable homes mentioned.