Staff at a school judged to be ‘good’ by Ofsted say they plan to build on the success to secure an ‘outstanding’ rating at their next inspection.

Celebrations were held this week at Walthamstow Primary Academy to acknowledge the result of its first inspection since opening in 2015.

The academy in Billet Road, Walthamstow, is part of United Learning, and is growing one year group at a time. This year, it is catering for pupils in Reception and Years 1 to 3.

Following a visit from inspectors in July, it secured a ‘good’ rating in all five criteria, and headteacher Natalie de Silva was praised for her “strong and determined leadership”.

The report noted that by the end of key stage 1, pupils’ attainment in reading, writing and mathematics is in line with national averages, with children making particularly good progress in writing.

Ofsted’ Donna Chambers, who carried out the inspection, commented on how happy the children are at school and noted that they are “polite and well-mannered” and keen to discuss their “enthusiasm, confidence and ambition” for learning.

The report described the warm and positive relationships between staff and pupils, which has contributed to the creation of a safe and nurturing environment at the academy.

The report also described the way in which pupils celebrate social and religious diversity and treat one another as equals, and said they are “well prepared for life in modern Britain”.

The education watchdog recommended that the “most able” pupils’ outcomes could be improved by ensuring the work they are set in maths builds quickly on what they can already do.

The academy was also recommended to ensure teachers’ expectations be “consistently high in subjects across the curriculum” to ensure progress across the board.

Mark Cole, United Learning’s primary regional director for the south of England, said: “This is very encouraging news and is testament to the spirit, ethos and culture that has grown in the school since it opened.

“The report is a credit to the academy’s pupils, highlighting their happiness at the school and their enthusiasm for learning, their good behaviour and the quality of work.

“The inspector was likewise impressed by the pupils’ friendliness and willingness to talk, read and interact with them throughout the two day visit.

“Whilst there is every reason to be very encouraged by this report, no one at the academy is complacent and we are all focused on building on this success and becoming a truly outstanding school in the years ahead.”