A MOTHER and daughter are celebrating educational success together as they both achieved top grades in photography AS at the Redbridge Institute of Adult Education.

Tina and Joanne Harries proudly showed their at the institute's exhibition of GCE photography and ceramics, impressing friends and family with their new found talent.

Joanne based her project on the theme of identity, creating a self-portrait out of a collage of her personal posessions, while her mum Tina worked under the theme, evidence, setting up an Edwardian murder mystery in which a rubber chicken was a vital clue.

Eamon Everall, head of art, said: "More breathtaking work, which shows, once again, that adult learners really can turn out the goods and produce work of great depth and wit. We all have to work to safeguard these courses and make sure that adult learners, such as this brilliant mother and daughter double act, have the chance in the future to discover their latent talents. Learners regularly come to us for entry level courses, and a few years later win places at university."

Joanne and Tina are now looking forward to starting the A2 level course in October.

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