A mother and daughter from Walthamstow have featured in a documentary celebrating the progress women have made over the past century.

Ginny and Isabel Hume are among dozens of others to speak about their work and beliefs in Women: A Success Story, which is set to premier next month.

Mrs Hume, 59, has spent 20 years working in, running and commissioning services for older people in London while 19-year-old Isabel is an art history student interested in politics.

The documentary made by education charity WORLDwrite explores the changing roles of women in society and sees interviewees speaking candidly about what they have overcome in their lives.

Mrs Hume said she feels that women need to be a full part of society, not protected or isolated because of their gender.

She said: “The only way for women to get ahead is to be able to stand up and look after themselves, then men will see you as equal to them.”

Constructed as a timeline, the film takes viewers from the past to the present, as generations of women aged 16 to 90 elaborate on their life experiences.

From growing up, dating, education, work and childcare to their thoughts on feminism and equality, the stories they share are revealing.

The documentary also features archive footage of women in cotton mills, life during the war, the 1984 miners’ strike and outdoor loos.

Ceri Dingle, WORLDwrite’s director, said: “We hope a younger generation will listen to the wise words passed down the generations represented in this film.

“Perpetuating a culture of victimhood, will help no one and understanding the past may help us shake that off if we want to shape the future.”

The film, which was crowd-funded and assisted by a National Lottery Heritage Fund small grant, was a collective effort by over 100 volunteers.

The premier screening of Women: A Success Story, will be held on Saturday, December 1, at the Castle Cinema in Hackney, from 11am to 3pm.

For tickets, visit bit.ly/2PVeEXY.