Some of the men who gave their lives during WWI have been remembered through silhouettes place around a school.

Pupils at White Bridge primary in Loughton have been busy in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday producing 30 human shaped cut-outs.

Each one represents a soldier from the town who died during WWI, with a plaque recording as much of their life history as possible on each.

Sarah Wells, the school's art teacher, said: "I thought it would be nice to do something that would make the children think a little bit more about those in the area that gave their lives.

"We looked up and then read about the soldiers who are remembered on the Loughton War Memorial."

While doing the research one boy discovered that one of the fallen soldiers was his great-granddad.

Ms Wells added: "I don't think the children realised how young some of these men were.

"I keep walking around the school and seeing pupils stopping and reading.

"There were 90 people who gave their lives in Loughton.

"It is very important that the pupils are aware of the sacrifices that were made in the past so that they can live their lives today."