More than 100 motorists came out in protest of new plans that could completely change how parking works in the town.

On October 25 Essex County Council offshoot the North Essex Parking Partnership published plans that would allow it to introduce paid parking permits on 63 of Loughton's roads.

Affected households would be able to buy two permits, costing £50 for the first and £80 for the second, as well as a booklet of ten day-long visitor permits for £15.

The proposals incensed car owners across the town, many questioning the need for such permits and the high cost to driving households.

On Sunday around 120 protestors came out to the junction of Deepdene and Bushfields in opposition to the proposals.

Jerry Wells, chief organiser and manager of the Horse and Wells pub in Woodford, said: "What is going on at the moment is extremely worrying and strange.

"Apparently this has been worked on for a long time and it is a money making thing.

"It will have an enormous financial impact on people."

While anger about the plans built swiftly in the days after they were announced, there is a chance permits will not be introduced on a number of the roads the Parking Partnership has earmarked.

To understand why requires going back a year, when parking controls were introduced on roads nearest to Debden station to deter commuters from clogging up residential areas.

The knock on effect of displacement led to the current, second round of parking restrictions, which includes proposals for permits in roads with commuter-parking problems and those which may soon have them as the process of displacement continues.

If the plans are approved, the latter, currently commuter free roads could remain as they are until parking problems arise, at which point the Parking Partnership could introduce permits without needing to consult again.

This wholesale handing over of control has concerned many.

David Linnell, spokesperson for the Loughton Residents Association, said: "What we weren't told, and so didn't know, was that NEPP would totally fail to explain this when they advertised the scheme for objections - understandably, some residents were very upset by this.

"LRA cllrs will support residents in the outer streets who don't want their roads included in the scheme.

"Residents who are already suffering serious commuter-parking will also be supported."

Anyone wishing to object to the proposals should email before November 16.

To see them in full go to

The Parking Partnership was contacted for comment.