A horse has been "killed with kindness" seemingly by an unwitting passerby who fed it a lethal piece of carrot.

For the past year rescue horses have been living on Chigwell Glebe.

Concerns that the horses could swallow toxic dog poo or choke on discarded rubbish littered across the field were raised in February.

Eight months on one of the horses, called Fred, has died, but from a less likely source.

The horse's owner, who asked to remain anonymous following the shock death, said: "Despite huge red signs saying 'do not feed', people still take it upon them selves to feed them.

"Now Fred has died from a cut carrot being logged in his throat, causing him to choke.

"I have had to remove the remainder of the horses off the field."

The owner took the Welsh native to the vets on Thursday evening where he was euthanised.

Carrots and apples should not be cut up when given to horses.

They should be left whole to allow the animals to chew them.

The owner added: "I rescue horses to give them a better life, until someone comes along, ignores signs and kills it.

"There is a saying 'killing with kindness' and this is one of the times it did.

"People think 'oh I will treat the horses'.

"Can't they read?"

The remaining horses have been moved off the field which will be fenced off in the coming months, only allowing the public access to the path.