A couple of treasure hunters were stopped by a team of armed police.

At around 11am on Monday Essex Police were called to forest land between Epping and North Weald.

With air support helping locate them from above, the offices found two men that a member of the public had believed were carrying guns.

The officers sprung from the bushes to apprehend and disarm the men, who were dressed in military uniforms.

It turned out the men were not as much of a threat as first thought.

A statement on Essex Police's Facebook page read: "Yesterday we received reports of two males in military style uniforms entering Epping Forest with what appeared to be long barrelled rifles.

"Our two hapless treasure seekers were surprised by several of our firearms teams springing from the bushes and disarming them in record time.

"The rifles turned out to be shovels in waterproof bags

"The lesson to be learnt here is that Essex Police fully support outdoor pursuits, however you do not need to be camouflaged from head to toe to partake in a treasure hunt.


"In these times of terrorist threat, think how the public perceives your behaviour and dress."