Questions a planning inspector intends to ask the council about its Local Plan has given supporters of a field earmarked for housing hope it could be saved.

In February and March next year Louise Phillips will scrutinise Epping Forest District Council's 10 year, 11,400 home plan for the area.

In a list of the 16 matters she deems most important in determining whether the Local Plan is considered sound, the inspector has raised several about Jessel Green.

Many of them echo the points argued by campaigners who have fought hard to save the Debden field and stop 154 homes from being built in its place.

As well as asking whether its destruction is justified in light of its value to the community, Ms Phillips asks whether the appearance of the area would be worse with it gone and if the town would have enough open space without it.

Cllr Stephen Murray, Mayor of Loughton, said: " I am absolutely delighted by the issues and questions that the inspector intends considering and strongly feel that they all should lead to the deletion of Jessel Green from our local plan."

To read all the points Ms Phillips plans to raise click here.