Members of Parliament have in front of them the most important debate and vote in peacetime. In the ‘meaningful vote’ on December 11 they will decide between the Prime Minister’s deal, no deal or no Brexit.

As Theresa May stands in the House of Commons explaining her negotiated deal to MP’s the Chancellor Phillip Hammond at her shoulder knows the cost of her deal and no deal.

Has ever a government recommended a country to become poorer?

Has ever a government , with a no deal possibility, let the nation slide into chaos with stockpiling, possible food and medicine shortages?

Has ever a government recommended a country to reduce the opportunity for young people in the future for generations?

Has ever a government cut us off from the wealthiest trading block in the world?

No wonder countries around the world are amazed at what is happening to us!

Both options will extend austerity which is decimating our social fabric with cuts in police numbers, youth service, libraries, NHS, squeezing of local authorities who provide so many services that are now under threat.

Even Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Leave campaigner, has admitted a Brexit benefit may not be seen for 50 years! Most of us won’t be around to enjoy it, Jacob.

And what about the unity of the United Kingdom? Why should Scotland, Northern Ireland who voted Remain and now Wales (in recent polls for Remain) want to be shackled by Westminster to a poorer future than inside the EU?

There are so many reasons for MP’s to vote down both these options and choose a People’s Vote with Remain as one of the choices. Let the people decide now we know the implications of Brexit.

Richard Newcombe, Chair of London4Europe and Waltham Forest European Movement

Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead