A couple who are caring for their elderly neighbour say doctors are “neglecting” her health two years after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Chris and Karla Thomas decided to take Patricia Jackson under their wings when the 77-year-old starting knocking on their door asking for help.

The pensioner who lives alone claims she was referred for a memory test by her doctors but six months on she is still waiting.

Mr Thomas, 47, of Tenby Road, Walthamstow, said: “She kept on knocking on our door asking can we help her.

“We are not her carers and we do not get paid but my wife and I starting looking after her.

“We take her out with us all the time and we celebrated her birthday. She never had that before, just people abusing her for money.

“My mother had Alzheimer’s and I didn’t get a chance to look after her because she was in south London and I am in east. So now this is my chance.

“It’s been about six months now and she’s not heard anything from the doctors. We feel like Patricia’s health is being neglected.”

When Mr Thomas and his wife first came to know Ms Jackson, they say her home was infested with bedbugs and she was being financially abused by a friend.

After sorting out her debts and housing conditions, the couple got things back on track for the pensioner.

She has since gained weight and started to go out and about to socialise.

But they say the health system has let her down and they worry that if she is not assessed soon, her condition will worsen.

“She was diagnosed in 2016 and nothing seems to be happening,” added Mr Thomas.

“She’s supposed to be on medication but no one has followed it up.

“I feel very disturbed about it. I feel worried about her Alzheimer’s because it could get worse if she’s not given the proper medication. I am just hoping they will help her.”

Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said there are no issues which explain the longer than normal wait of six months for the memory service.

The Firs Medical Centre declined to comment on whether there was an issue with Ms Jackson’s referral for the service.