An X-Factor contestant helped raised cash for a support charity.

J-SoL joined with rapper Tazer and 16-year-old Georgia Twinn at a benefit concert for the Through the Fight Foundation.

The gig was hosted by De Mango in Waltham Abbey, with £583.88 raised to help the charity support victims of crime and those suffering from chronic illnesses.

Shane Yerrell, who runs Through the Fight, said: "I'd like to say a massive thank you to Mohammed Hussain and his staff team at De Mango.

"They didn't know me before the event and have gone completely out of their way to put on a night for Through The Fight Foundation completely free of charge.

"The restaurant has struggled in the past under previous owners, but the new owners have really turned it around and made it a lovely place to be.

"They are so accommodating and the food is great."