A professional darts player attended a fundraiser for a man who realised he had Parkinson's disease while standing on the oche.

On Thursday (December 6) Waltham Abbey Football Club welcomed Steve West, who was born in Epping and is placed 29th in the world darts rankings.

The former European Championship quarter finalist took on all comers and helped raise £2,925 in the process for Dave Pinnock.

A long term football club member and lifelong Waltham Abbey resident, Mr Pinnock's promising darts career playing for Hertfordshire was cut short when he discovered he had Parkinson's disease.

In a bid to help the 56-year-old, his wife Tracey, son Adam and daughter Stacey deal with the degenerative condition, football club chairman John Martin organised the fundraiser.

Mr Pinnock's school friend and the club's general secretary Dave Hodges acted as the evening's compère.

He said: "Dave couldn't really through any darts but they got him out of his chair to make a little speech.

"It was quite emotional.

"His old school teacher and school friends came.

"The town came out to support him."