The London Assembly is calling on the Mayor of London to take “drastic action” to stop the murders in the capital as the death toll hits 120.

In a ten-page letter to the Mayor, the assembly said they were concerned about the lack of details on the violence reduction unit (VRU), and how it would fight crime.

The unit was launched in September this year, with the aim of tackling violent crime by working with local authorities, youth and health services and police.

The chairman of the police and crime committee, Steve O’Connell, said: “Londoners are heartbroken to hear about the near daily carnage on our streets, the young lives lost and the misery for families and communities.

“The Mayor’s new violence reduction unit will need to demonstrate that it brings something different to the table. It cannot simply be a rebranding exercise of existing programmes and policies.

“We cannot emphasise enough how critical it is that the unit tackles the traumatic situations that children might live through in order to break the cycle of violence”

“We do not underestimate the challenge ahead but it’s time for the Mayor to take even further and drastic action because London is crying out for change.”

The letter then makes a series of recommendations to Mr Khan about how the VRU should move forward in tackling crime.

The recommendations include asking the VRU to tackle all forms of violence including domestic violence; focus on tackling the root causes of crime such as school exclusion rather than just the effects and calling on social media providers to take things down which call for violence on their sites.

The letter said the police and Mr Khan should make people more aware about how they can report incidents to the police anonymously.