A football team has shown its sense of humour by announcing their latest signing by parodying a cult television programme.

Leyton Orient unveiled Jordan Macguire-Drew, 21, as their latest pick in a video with multiple choice selections.

The video was inspired by the Netflix series' Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch.

The football team parodied the newest Black Mirror episode which was released last Friday on Netflix, but unfortunately added the wrong year to the date used on the video.

The national League side unveiled Brighton winger Jordan Maguire-Drew as its new teammate on Wednesday in the video released via its Twitter account.

In the Bandersnatch episode, viewers are given two choices to make for the main character in the story created as the protagonist faces various obstacles.

While the Black Mirror episode has its characteristic sinister ending, Leyton Orient fans are treated to a happier conclusion.

Supporters took to social media to praise the club's efforts and share their excitement at Maguire-Drew's move to the team.

However, the fact that the video included the wrong date in the top-right corner quickly became a source of amusement, with some joking that the team had been "hiding in a kit cupboard for 12 months."

Leyton Orient media manager Elliot Byrne said: "We became aware a couple days in advance of the announcement that Jordan was about to sign with the Club and Bandersnatch had been the talk of Twitter - it is an innovative product that captured our attention and we thought it could be turned into a great transfer announcement and thought it was something that suited the Twitter demographic.

"We decided we would use the idea of a Bandersnatch-inspired announcement on Wednesday morning and spent a short period of time fleshing the idea out and creating a structure and planning the shots.

"My colleague and I filmed a few of the shots on Wednesday morning in advance to Jordan arriving before we filmed the remaining shots that involved him when he arrived at the ground. We had explained the idea to him and he seemed to really like it, so was great to work with when filming the final bits.

"We then edited the announcement while Jordan was having his medical and just hoped that no-one else was using a similar idea as there are always a lot of transfers in early January.

"We’ve been delighted to see the feedback, the mood at the club has been really good with the side at the top of the National League and we are encouraged to be creative which is great from a media perspective.

"In relation to the slight error with the date, I was just in the habit of writing 2018.

"Obviously it was slightly frustrating to make it but it doesn’t take away from the product and we’re happy to have a laugh at ourselves so we don’t mind the comments at all."