A pensioner living alone has been left baffled by a phone bill 70 times his typical monthly payment.

Sudesh Kapur, from Barkingside, has a heart condition and keeps a mobile phone handy in case he needs to call one of his two children for help.

The 85-year-old largely stays in his flat and rarely eats into his £6 a month payment plan more than making 10 minutes of calls.

He was deeply concerned therefore to receive a bill from Virgin Media for a phone call lasting 16 hours and costing £424.

Mr Kapur said: "I don't use my phone at all. The number is not on my list.

"I had made no such call and I did not know anybody with this number.

"It was a 16 hour call. I live alone and no body has access to my phone. How could I have dialled that number?"

He contacted his mobile provider several times and was eventually given a refund of half the money.

The mystery call still baffles Mr Kapur however, who is convinced the call was not made.

In 2016 numerous Vodafone customers found themselves receiving shockingly high bills stretching to £300 after missing short call attempts from an 0845 number.

Like with Mr Kapur's case, the origin of the calls was unclear and the telecommunications company were unwilling to offer a full refund.

When The Guardian rang the number Mr Kapur had allegedly called, it rang with an overseas dialling tone before going dead.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We have checked our records thoroughly and the charges on Mr Kapur’s account are accurate, however on this occasion, we have refunded some of the cost as a gesture of goodwill.

"We recommend that our mobile customers use the ‘My Account’ app to check their mobile usage and keep track of their remaining airtime balances.”