Sprinklers could be retro-fitted in two of the council's social housing schemes to protect vulnerable and homeless residents.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire that killed 72 people, in January Epping Forest District Council's Select Committee ordered a feasibility study exploring retro-fitting sprinklers.

With a full assessment of all of the council's high risk buildings now complete, it has been proposed that Hemnall House in Epping and Norway House in North Weald have sprinkler systems installed.

The report reads: "Hemnall House would significantly benefit from the retrofitting of sprinklers, as it has both a mix of vulnerable residents, and is an old building that presents significant compartmentation issues which are unlikely to be easily or cost-effectively addressed due to the age of the building and nature of construction.

"Norway House has a mix of vulnerable residents but has a significantly more robust level of compartmentation. However, this property has been subject to a number of small fires and therefore the retrofitting of sprinklers may be a consideration based on life safety risk."

However Highwood Lane and Hilltop Court, both sheltered housing buildings in Loughton, will not have systems installed.

While the risk of fire there is "higher compared to other premises", because the residents are "more mobile" the building does not fall into the high-risk category.

If the report is approved by councillors, it would cost £145,000 for Norway House and £40,000 for Hemnall House.