A contingency fund for an under-threat library and a speed camera will be bought with an increased council tax intake.

On Monday North Weald Bassett Parish Council voted to increase its share of council tax bills for 2019-20, with the total rising by roughly £13 a year for a Band D property and the total income reaching £219,256.

The additional income will be spent on a lengthy wishlist including a £15,000 contingency fund for the provision of North Weald Library and the Parish Council offices for a period of 1 year.

A £5,000 rolling programme to replace older street lights when necessary, £2,500 for a parish council-run handyman scheme and £2,000 to fund two Special Constables for the parish are also on the list.

As is a speed gun to be used by Community Speedwatch volunteers, which may be hired by other councils.