Carers are questioning a council decision to use a former care home for vulnerable adults to provide temporary low cost accommodation.

A banner advertising cheap housing has appeared outside the former Trumpington Road respite care unit in Forest Gate, which was closed three months ago after a decision by Waltham Forest Council’s cabinet in June.

Families who previously used the services at the site are worried the council is yet to come up with a longer term use for the building.

Cllr Khevyn Limbajee, cabinet member for adult social care, pushed for the closure of the building on the grounds that the centre was “a drain on resources” and was not delivering the service that he wanted to see.

At the time, carers who used the respite care services provided by Trumpington Road labelled the closure “catastrophic.”

The council said it decided to use the site to provide temporary low cost accommodation to save on security costs that would come if the building remained empty.

The authority wants to reassure the public that alternative respite care provision has been found for those who were formerly using Trumpington Road.

Carers claim that in previous meetings, Waltham Forest Council said it planned to use the site to alleviate bed blocking at Whipps Cross and other hospitals in the borough.

James O’Rourke, whose brother used the Trumpington Road facilities, said: “What is worrying is that they are still looking for long-term uses of a site that has sat empty for three months.

“Six months down the line and they still have not decided what they are doing with the place.

“The council has put a whole cohort of families and carers through an immense ordeal. I have made alternative suggestions for the use of the building, all of which have been dismissed.

“The need of carers is still there and respite care providers families have approached or have been told to approach by the council are shared between Redbridge and Waltham Forest. They have huge waiting lists.

A council spokesperson said: “The council continues to explore longer term options for the use of Trumpington Road, and wish to assure the public that suitable alternative long term and respite provision has been found for those who previously lived at and used Trumpington Road.

“Commissioning of appropriate Learning Disability provision remains ongoing and the council remains committed to extending choice and supporting independence in order for individuals to effectively meet their assessed needs.”

The council says it is working in tandem with a company called Adhoc, which provides temporary accommodation solutions.

The council spokesman added: “The banner is to advertise that there are still some rooms available for short-term rent at the property to students and professionals.

“The benefit is that the property is occupied at no cost to the council and offers short-term affordable housing to those who need it. In return, the people who live there full time keep an eye on the property and keep it clean and tidy. This protects unoccupied properties and negates the need for 24/7 security, thereby saving council resources.”