“The death of 14-year-old Jaden Moodie is a horrific start to the year and a real shock to everybody,” the deputy police commissioner has said.

These comments came from the Stephen House, the deputy police commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), earlier today during a London Assembly police and crime committee meeting.

Mr Moodie was stabbed by threen men in Bickley Road near Leyton on Tuesday evening.

He was found with stab wounds at 6.30pm and despite the best efforts of the paramedics pronounced dead at 7.09pm.

Mr House also said there has been an increase in the number of armed response vehicles sent to the area following the stabbing Tuesday.

The Assembly member for Waltham Forest, Jennette Arnold, also spoke out over the stabbing.

Ms Arnold said: “We all send our condolences and I continue to send my thoughts and prayers to the family of the young man and his friends.”

She also wanted to know about how, following the stabbing, the police would make sure they were trusted by members of the public.

Ms Arnold said: “How are you going to make sure members of the public maintain the confidence and trust in the police after those tragedies?”

Deputy mayor for policing and crime Sophie Linden said: “Part of improving trust and confidence in the police is about the response of the Metropolitan Police Service and not just when there is an awful murder.

“This is all about regular and consistent police presence.”

She added: “It was a real shock to everyone that such a young child lost his life on the streets of London.”

The chairman of the police and crime committee, Steve O’Connell said tackling violent crime had to a be a “number one priority” for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, following the stabbing.